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La Fuga is the leading tour company for truly memorable European cycling escapes. We are the go-to choice for customers around the world who want to combine dream rides; professional support; a relaxing holiday atmosphere; luxury accommodation; and like-minded people with whom to share the experience of a lifetime.

Set up by passionate ex-elite racers in 2008, our trips are designed to achieve the right balance of endurance, challenge and exhilaration. Over the years we have remained true to our philosophy of delivering tours for cycling enthusiasts that are both exciting and rewarding. Our expertise in the pro-racing scene means we take you down the road less travelled, giving you a privileged insight into the most stunning and exclusive routes in Europe.

We want you to experience what it feels like to be a pro-rider and are committed to providing an exceptional support package, including professional and knowledgeable guides, on the bike support, vehicle back-up and bike-mechanical services and much more. Great team dynamics are an added bonus on all our tours, the result of careful planning and limiting the number of places available. It is no exaggeration to say that by the end of their journey, all our clients feel as if they have become part of a pro-team.

Our all-round package of high-quality, individualised customer service and dedicated back-up support has earned the respect and loyalty of our clients. Put simply, we take care of all the details so all you have to do is enjoy the ride.

La Fuga. (n) 1. The Escape, an escape from the norm 2. The Breakaway, the head of the race, the lead group – [Latin fugue]


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La Fuga has partnered with a range of companies to ensure our guests can continue to enjoy the best cycling holidays. Whether you are escaping the city to ride across the Alps, tackling a the Granfondo Prosecco in Italy or discovering new roads by cycle touring across Norway and beyond; benefit from the great offers La Fuga’s industry partners can provide.



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