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Simply pay a deposit. After you book, a La Fuga Travel Consultant will follow up with you to manage all the details of your trip. From travel insurance, bike rentals, your jersey size and more - we'll tailor all the finer points of your trip and adjust your Tour Price accordingly.

For a group size larger than 6, please call +44 (0) 208 876 5665 to speak to a Travel Consultant.

Entry & Pro Support Package: Secure your place at the start line with La Fuga as we have a number of entry-only spaces available for this year’s event for €200 or €275 for priority placing in the front grid.

Pro-Support Package: If you already have your entry and accommodation, La Fuga can provide our legendary pro support to lend a hand while you’re on the road for €75

La Marmotte is for anybody who has ever watched the Tour de France conquer the Alps and thought “I’d like to do that!”

Over thirty years have passed since La Marmotte’s organisers first settled upon the 174.4kms of road that they felt summed up the very essence of bike racing in the mountains and very few of the thousands of hopefuls that descend upon the little town of Bourg d’Oisans to try their luck each July have ever disagreed with that judgement. If you long for jagged snow-capped mountains against a sky so blue you can feel it, if you think that your body is ready for 17,000 feet of vertical ascent and if you want to take your place amongst the greats then La Marmotte is the event for you.

La Fuga’s legendary pro-support makes your life easier on the big day. We offer two exclusive feed stations en route as well as access to basic tool-kits and pumps for any minor on-the-road repairs. Our feed stations never run out of stock, and are set up so it's easy for you to grab what you need to fuel up and get back where you want to be: on the road. We will send you out a wristband before the event, just flash that at any member of La Fuga staff and gain access to these exclusive feed stations.


What's Included?

Entry to La Marmotte 2019

La Marmotte Pro Support Package:

  • Cold drinks and water
  • Secret Training Stealth Nutrition Products
  • Energy and electrolyte drinks
  • Energy bars and gels
  • Fresh fruit including bananas and apples and orange pieces
  • Sweets for instant energy
  • Savoury snacks
  • Sun tan lotion
  • Tools and pump for mid-race repairs
  • Personal attention
  • Dedicated staff and a friendly face on the mountain!

What's Not Included?

PLEASE NOTE: All entries are non-refundable and non-transferable

Bike Hire


On race day, look out for our exclusive La Fuga feedstations for some extra help on the course. We’ll have everything you need, whether it’s a quick bite to eat, mechanical assistance or a chair to rest your weary legs on.

If you would like to purchase a full La Fuga package for La Marmotte 2019 including accommodation, transfers and everything else, please see our full package here. With showers just moments from the finish line, and everything else taken care of by our experienced guides, there’s no better way to experience the epic La Marmotte sportive.