We get up close and personal to Simon Gerrans.

Q1. Which teammate/s best supported you to get your podium at Amstel?

Hayman, Weening, Clarke, Albasini, Impy

Q2. You’ve been part of a number of teams. What makes OGC unique?

We’re pretty good mates at OGE. That’s the biggest difference.

Q3. Could you have beaten Bigno in the #SKYvOGE Round 3 Supermarket Sweep challenge?

No, in typical Italian fashion, he jumped the queue.

Q4. Do you wear board shorts or budgey smugglers now you’ve been in Europe a while?

100% boardies

Q5. Who’s got the best beard in the peloton?

None of them are any good.

Q6. What are your plans post racing?

Less training

Q7. What’s your best back staff member story?

Bigno pumps out a mean toasted sandwich from his hotel room.

Q8. Did you have to do any specific darts training for the #SKYvOGE Round 4?

Did you see how badly I played?

Q9. I thought you aussies could drink! Would you have necked the beer on the podium at Amstel if it was a VB?

Time and a place…

Q10. How’s the rivalry amongst the Aussies? The Australian Nationals this year were really exciting, with you, Cadel and Richie Porte all up there.

There’s a good rivalry when we’re racing each other, the rest of the time most of us get along pretty well.