We get up close and personal to Simon Clarke.

Q1. Where do you live?


Q2. Which teammate/s best supported you to get your win at Sun Tour?

The ones that were there. No, seriously – Mitch Docker was particularly influential. He supported me in the stage when I was in the break and took the lead.

Q3. Can you briefly comment on your previous teams? What makes OGC unique?

Like-minded mentality. Although I value my international experience with other teams, but I do appreciate this.

Q4. Could you have beaten Bigno in the recent #SKYvOGE Round 3 supermarket sweep challenge? If so how?

Hell no. The only way to beat him is you jump the line and don’t pay.

Q5. Board shorts or budgey smugglers now you’ve been in Europe a while?

Definitely board shorts. Cyclist tan lines aren’t so favorably for the budgey smuggler look..

Q6. Who’s got the best beard in the peloton? How many watts do you reckon it costs?

Simon Geschke (Giant).

Q7. What are your plans post racing?

Don’t have any – but something where I don’t hurt myself

Q8. How’s the rivalry amongst the Aussies? The Australian Nationals this year were really exciting, with you, Cadel and Richie Porte all up there

There is none. I’m just as happy for an Australian non-teammate to win as I am for my teammates..

Q8. What makes the team aussie?

Our Aussie owner, Gerry Ryan and his mentality and character is reflected throughout the team’s culture..

Q8. Where’s your favourite loop to ride around varese?

A big loop of all the lakes in the region including Como, Maggiore, Lugano, Varese.

Q8. Where the best gelato in varese?

Il Mio Gelato in Castronno – despite the numerous options in the center of Varese, that’s my top pick.

Q8. Wheres the best coffee in varese??


Q8. What’s your favourite climb in Varesse? ?

Sacro Monte – it’s THE climb of Varese

Q8. What can an ORICA-Green EDGE Experience guest expect to discover about the team?

Our relaxed atmosphere. You’ll feel like you’re part of the GreenEDGE family.