We get up close and personal to Cameron Meyer.

Q1. Where do you live?


Q2. Can you briefly comment on your previous teams? What makes OGC unique?

I’m Australian and it’s Australian. I feel like I have the whole of my home country supporting me. Also, we eat other things than pasta.

Q3. Board shorts or budgey smugglers now you’ve been in Europe a while?

Budgey smugglers. They show off my tan lines.

Q4. Who’s got the best beard in the peloton? How many watts do you reckon it costs?

I don’t pay any attention to that.

Q5. What are your plans post racing?

Maybe coaching.

Q6. How’s the rivalry amongst the Aussies?

It’s good. We’re all fierce competitors but we respect one another. It’s always good battles.

Q7. What makes the team aussie?

It’s fun nature.

Q8. OGE seem to be the team in the pro peloton that are having the most fun out on the road. Do you think this makes you stronger as a team?

In stressful moments, our bonds help take that extra pressure off.