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2017 Squadra La Fuga Program

Following on from last years successes and the rise in popularity of the Granfondo World Series means the focus for the 2017 Squadra program is on qualification for the World Championships in Albi, France.

Along the way there will be a few non qualification events such as the Strade Bianche in Tuscany for those needing a dose of gravel riding. The UK big events such as the Ride London and now the new Velo Birmingham also form a mainstay of the UK calendar.

The form below will allow you to register your interest in each of the different events on the program and also allow us to gauge interest for each event.

  • 1 - Squadra Kick off - Wednesday 25 January

    We had a good group of around 10 Squadra riders gathered to discuss the 2017 Squadra program in Soho on 25th January.

    Simon and Jake from Grinta coaching also presented some technical aspects of what it will be like to ride the World Championships and how discussed what is needed to be prepare for the event.

    Their presenation can be downloaded here for those interested of you can contact them by email.
    Simon - Simon@grintacoaching.co.uk
    Jake - Jake@grintacoaching.co.uk

    Grinta Training Presentation Download
    The Squadra La Fuga original invite is available to download here also. Squadra Invite 2017

  • 2 - Granfondo Strade Bianche - 3-6 March

    The season kicks off with the Granfondo Strade Bianche. We have 5 Squadra riders signed up already for this event and it proves to be an excellent weekend in Tuscany.

    If you're not signed up already but fancy giving this a go then drop an email to Ian.Holt@lafuga-staging.wlxyml6-liquidwebsites.com expressing your interest.

  • 3 - Mallorca Training & Race Skills Weekend

    More than just some time riding in a beautiful environment. The aim is to coach and enhance the skills needed to get most out of yourself during these events.

    We'd need to have at least 5 riders interested in this in order to run this for the Squadra program. This is suggested to run on the last weekend of March in Mallorca but if fewer numbers are interested then we could look to run this in the UK or at a later date. Please indicate your preference below.

    During the Kick off event in Soho on 25th January we outlined that the skills needed in order to ride at your full potential are arguably more difficult to acquire than the fitness levels.

    In the last few years of the Squadra program, our rides have indicated they would benefit from a specific camp where they could learn more of the technical skills of racing.
    Skills and techniques that would be covered off in a 3 day camp would be :

    • Descending
    • Close bunch riding - being comfortable around other riders
    • Fast Start granfondo - practise and the fitness needed to cope with the first 1hr of the event
    • Chaingang - paceline riding
    • Conserving and being clever with gauging your effort
    • Sprinting

  • 4 - Granfondo L'Albiegeoise Qualifier - 26-29 May

    This event is the French Qualifier for the Granfondo World Championships. All riders from all Nations can qualify in other nations events.

    The benefit of this is that this event is on the same course as the World Championship in August. This almost never happens in professional sport that riders get to practise the course in a real race situation before a big event. This would be a missed opportunity not to ride this.

    The organsiers have confirmed that the course is the same as for the World Championships. See below for the course links.

    Long Course - 147km (Men's World Championships)

    Short Course - 95km (Womens World Championships)

    Click if you're interested below.

  • 5 - Granfondo Cambridgeshire Qualifier - 4 June

    This event is the UK Granfondo World Championships qualifier. Please tick below on whether you need an entry, already have one or need accommodation.

  • 6 - Ride London - 30th July

    Our local event - all Londers should try do this every year. Many of our Squadra riders have a target time for 2017.

    Again this year we can get more entries into the Ride London if you need an entry.

  • 7 - Granfondo World Championships, Albi, France - 25-28 August

    This obviously depends on whether you qualifier in one of the qualification events during the summer.

    We will have full support packages available for riders who qualify.

  • 8 - Velo Birmingham - 24 September

    This is an excellent new addition to the calendar and will be fully closed roads. Velo Birmingham Course details

  • 9 - Staying in touch with Squadra

    During the year we have found it easier to stay in touch with everyone on whatsapp using a whatsapp Squadra La Fuga group.

    Please indicate below if you'd like to join this group.

  • During the year we will add more adhoc events to the program. This could be a club run, a sportive event that a lot of Squadra riders are going to or social meal. There were around 4 or 5 social meals during the 2016 season, and it is a great way to get everyone together and chat.

    Let me know if you have any suggestions about the program which have not been covered or any suggested events you'd like to see as part of the Squadra Program.

  • 11 - Clothing

    We will once again be providing some excellent Squadra La Fuga clothing. A separate form will be sent out shortly with clothing details. There will be the opportunity to purchase long sleeves jersey and gilets in additional to jersey and shorts.
    Watch this space!